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Original Method Tape-In Certified


This is one of the most requested hair extension methods. This method was introduced in 2010.

I work with the most prestegious tape-in method offered, with tape considered to be the best tape on the market, including holding the only patent of its kind. This was an easy choice to train and certify my skillset. One thing that matters most when installing this method, is the tape you use. Bellami, Great Lengths and HotHeads are my go-to provider(s), I know I can trust their 35+ years of experience in the extensions industry. Tape-in brands are not created equally and the difference is clear, the type of tape you use is everything.

Tape in extensions are thin, lightweight tape wefts that get “sandwiched” together in between your own hair. Tape installations do not require tools or chemicals to get applied, they can last 6-8 weeks, and are reusable up to three applications. Tape in extensions can be worn up or down. When maintained properly you can swim, workout and sweat with these hair extensions. Tape in extensions are perfect for adding length, color effects, and a little or a lot volume. This method is versatile because they are thin, and individually applied with so many incredible options. They move with your hair and appear natural when applied correctly. These hair extensions are undetectable, discreet, and water resistant. They are also one of the most cost effective semi-permanent hair extension methods on the market.

1. Hair Cost depends on where your natural hair length is at, and where you want your hair to be. For someone looking to add a natural bit of volume, 1-2 packs of hair will do. For a dramatic addition of volume and a few inches at most of length, you will need 3-4 packs of hair. For dramatic additions of length, you will need 4-5 packs of hair depending on how much length we are adding and your budget!

2. Installation Cost depends on how many rows of hair we need to install for your goal look. For volume, 1 hour does the trick. When adding length and volume, you can plan on 2+ hours.

(5) Reasons why clients love them: Reusable, Customizable, Least Damaging, and Cost Effective

The tape used varies dramatically from company to company. I only install and use Bellami, Great Lengths and Hot Heads reusable hair. These brands and their tape will be used for all reinstallation's. If you have an installation that needs removal from a company not listed above, I charge by the half-hour for removal and will not reapply the "unknown" hair.

I offer complimentary consultations.

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